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Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight management including hypnotic gastric band

Lose weight

Hypnotherapy for Losing Weight

Hypnotherapy offers weight loss clients a choice of approaches, available as individual sessions or a three-session hypnotic gastric band package - all customised to your own requirements. Hypnosis enables the emotional and associative 'triggers' that prompt unhealthy eating habits to be explored, identified and dealt with. The hypnotic gastric band (see below) may be appropriate for clients who eat too large portions, but our Quick Change Hypnotherapy is recommended for those who do not desire or require the band. Every client is unique and we will tailor our approach to your individual needs. 

Hypnotic Gastric Band

With a hypnotic – or virtual – gastric band, the client could achieve the same results as with a surgical band, without the risk, waiting time and very high cost for cases not covered by the NHS. The hypnotic gastric band is appropriate where: 

  • The problem is overeating and not recognising the point of being full-up.  

  • There is much weight to lose. As a rough guide, anyone with two or more stone of excess weight may consider this type of hypnotherapy. Clients are likely to be in the BMI (Body Mass Index) range of 25+ (overweight) or 30+ (clinically obese). 

The hypnotic gastric band allows a person the reset their brain-body feedback system, allowing the feeling of 'full-up' sent by the digestive system to be registered by the brain and acted upon. People who are chronic overeaters appear to override these natural signals and never feel full. With the hypnotic gastric band in place, the recipient feels full sooner. The hypnotic band is provided over three sessions as a package.

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Why Use Us?

Some 'branded' hypnotic gastric band treatments can cost upward of £400 for 4 or more sessions, whether these are all actually needed or not. Whilst approaches vary from client to client, typically we will do an initial 'groundwork' session, followed by a second session during which the hypnotic gastric band is 'installed' and a third session to reinforce and adjust the band, deal with any difficulties and provide the client with helpful resource tools. It is important to mention that there may be psychological causes for excess weight. As a part of the process, these factors will be investigated if they are inhibiting progress in responding to the weight-loss suggestions. Additional sessions are sometimes required in such cases. See the Prices page for our current great rates.

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