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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Usually only a single session of hypnosis to stop smoking or vaping!

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Do You Really Want to Quit Smoking / Vaping?

Of course you do, for these reasons: 

  • To improve your health 

  • So that your children grow up non-smokers 

  • To be more considerate to your family and other people around you 

  • To have more money to spend on better things (over £5000 a year for a 20-a-day habit) 

  • So you and your clothes smell fresh 

  • To be less anti-social 

  • To regain control of your life

How Does it Work?

Hypnotherapy removes the subconscious triggers which maintain your smoking or vaping habit, and also allows you to be calm and confident in those situations where you used to smoke. The suggestions given under hypnosis change your relationship with smoking and give you access to inner resources when trigger situations occur. Using willpower alone can be difficult because you are in conflict with your subconscious mind. Using hypnosis, the desire and thought to smoke will not occur because the triggers will no longer prompt you to smoke. Hypnotherapy also provides you with strategies to help you cope with stress and deal with unwarranted fears of weight gain and other withdrawal symptoms. 

quit smoking
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What is the Process?

The cessation of a normal (moderate) smoking or vaping habit can usually be dealt with in a single session. The session will commence with a client-focused discussion and then go on to talk about how the subconscious mind influences our habits. The process then starts with a powerful desensitisation routine followed by hypnotic induction to a medium level of trance and then client-focussed suggestions to break the smoking habit. We also include self-help tools and self-hypnosis techniques to empower the client after the session to help maintain progress in the potentially difficult first month or so.
Should the client require a 'booster' session during the first month, this will be offered FREE OF CHARGE! Go to the Prices, Booking & Contact page to make your enquiry.

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