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Online Help for Anxiety & Stress

Hypnotherapy counselling for stress, anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD -Online by Zoom

Help with Anxiety

About Anxiety

Did you know, folk with some sort of anxiety problem form the largest group of clients seeking our services? The good news is that we can fix anxiety quickly, safely and effectively! Anxiety is an everyday feeling, but why do we suffer from it? Well, it is an adaptive response to a necessary survival mechanism, but has been associated with many unpleasant problems we experience living day-to-day. Anxiety manifests itself in three fundamental ways:

  • State anxiety is where we interpret an external threat (e.g. an upcoming job interview or holiday flight) or some temporary internal feeling as being threatening.

  • Trait anxiety affects some people who experience high levels of anxious symptoms for much of the time - so-called 'Generalised Anxiety Disorder' (GAD).

  • Clinical anxiety disorders that may be exhibited as, for example, social phobia, OCD, panic disorders and other behavioural anxieties.

Anxiety Disorders Helped Using Hypnotherapy

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) characterised by obsessional thoughts that repeatedly come onto the person’s mind, despite all efforts to stop them. The resultant conflict causes anxiety. These thoughts commonly include such things as: a fear of dirt and germs, doubting something has been done (such as turning off the cooker, light switches or locking the doors).

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to an event resulting in psychological trauma such that the event persistently replays in the mind. The symptoms are long-lasting and significantly impair aspects of the person's life.

Stress-related disorders We all have an instinctive stress response as part of our survival programming for when we are in danger. Hormones generate instant mental and physical changes, generally referred to as the ‘fight or flight’ response. Unfortunately, the pressures of modern life cause us to remain stressed for longer periods of time and when the ‘fight or flight’ response is not appropriate. The pressure is not necessarily due to the stressor itself, but to the person’s own interpretation of it or the ability to deal with it.

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Online Hypnotherapy & CBT Can Help Anxiety

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy (in association with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT) are the best tools for treating anxiety, and the anxiety can often be managed in just a few sessions. This could involve:

  • Teaching relaxation

  • Tackling the original causes and reasons for anxiety

  • Removing the fear of panic attacks by teaching techniques to deal with them

  • Finding solutions for dealing with fearful situations and rehearsing them, using a combination of CBT and hypnosis

  • Building confidence and self-esteem by accessing client's natural resources on the subconscious level  

  • Confidence for the future – it is very important that the client practices what has been identified in the hypnotherapy sessions, both in the real world and by using self-hypnosis techniques taught as part of the treatment.

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