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Booking rapid hypnotherapy online

Don't forget - you get results quickly, so you may only need a few sessions - maybe just one! Follow these steps...

  • Give us a ring on 01828 633033 or message us using the form at the foot of this page. We will then arrange a mutually convenient time for your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to further discuss your enquiry and test the connection.

  • During this call, we will assess the best way of working with you and if we think that online therapy is not appropriate we will recommend an alternative approach. A simple client agreement form will be emailed to you and only when you are happy will we ask you to make online secure payment, following which you will be sent the meeting link for your first session.

  • Sessions normally cost £75 each and are typically about one hour long, although the first session may be somewhat longer.

  • A block of three pre-paid sessions costs £195

  • Feminisation hypnosis sessions cost £65 each

  • Quit Smoking sessions last about two hours and the cost is £130. Should you need a 'booster' session within one month, this is offered FREE of charge.

  • Four-session weight loss package costs £280

  • Fear of Flying course costs £195

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