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Feminisation Hypnosis

A feminisation service using hypnosis for the crossdressing man, transvestite, transitioning, gender-fluid, or anybody wishing to connect with, affirm or explore their femininity

Gender Fluid in High Heels
Man wearing makeup

Gender Expression

Gender expression is the ways in which we express our gender identity in the world. It can include our appearance, the way we dress and our behaviour. Some people have the same gender expression all the time, while others may change their expression over time or based on circumstances. For instance, we might express our gender differently when at work with colleagues, out with friends, or at home by ourselves. If you are transfeminine, a transvestite or man who cross-dresses on a part-time basis, for instance, you may wish to enhance your experience by feeling more feminine inside too, which will give your more confidence when you venture outside 'enfemme'.

You may already express your feminine gender identity with clothing, makeup and hairstyle, but it is important that your internal mindset aligns with your external appearance. In this way, you can express your femininity subconsciously in such things as your mannerisms, body language, self-confidence and thought processes. 

Male to Female Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is a safe way to reconnect with that female part within all of us. You will learn to listen to the inner woman, feel like a woman and give her the confidence to express herself in whatever way is right for you. This may be all of the time if that is your lifestyle choice, or perhaps only sometimes, when hypnotic 'triggers' can be activated to switch you into 'femme mode'. Whether you are a crossdresser, transvestite, or if you are just starting out on the road of feminine self-discovery, a graduated programme of confidence-building activities will take the process at your own pace. This could be, for example, discretely 'underdressing', wearing increasingly androgynous and feminine outer clothing, subtle makeup & accessories, or 'going out' tasks. Progressive feminisation to your own requirements can be enhanced using hypnosis. Gender change hypnosis can even help you acquire a womanlier figure by encouraging breast development (the 'mind-body connection' principle). You are encouraged to present at the sessions in feminine mode if that is convenient for you.

gender fluid online
gender fluid eye makeup

How do I Get Feminization Hypnosis and What Does it Cost?

  • Hypnosis Feminisation Service costs only £65 per session

  • Each session lasts about one hour, although the first session may be longer (at no extra cost)

  • Go to the Prices, Booking & Contact page

  • Either give us a ring or complete the confidential enquiry form at the foot of that page to tell us about your requirements. We aim to reply to all enquiries within 24 hours.

  • When you are happy that this is for you, arrange a date for your Zoom or Skype session and start your journey to connect with your feminine self!

  • If you want a bit more information about how online hypnotherapy works, have a look at this page.

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